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When quality matters

Madera Masters – we produce barrel and square thermowood saunas, combining the best principles of the Northern sauna and the most modern design trends.

Nord Mini thermowood barrel saunaNord Plus thermowood barrel saunaNord Lux thermowood outdoor sauna

Carefully crafted design

Modern Sauna solutions with unmatched design and superior material quality without compromises. Create your own harmony around you.

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Why Madera Masters?


In the process of crafting and assembly we work with industry leaders for each component. From HARVIA heating elements to WÜRTH fixation solutions


Modern and visually appealing sauna designs that are made to last a lifetime, and blend with the environment of your choosing


Quick, easy to understand and helpful communication at any given point. From helpful advice in product and design choices to gentle delivery to the location of your choosing


It has never been easier to own a sauna

No need for complicated permits and a construction team to set up the sauna. No need to worry about how to get products to your destination and what’s the best location to put it. We will be there with you in every step we take together.

No complicated construction permits are required. Our team will easily set up a sauna in your preferred location. We will guide you through every step and provide suggestions if any will be necessary


Girts Upmalis
Girts Upmalis
Paldies MaderaMasters komadai par profesionālu pieeju sadarbībā ar klientu un ražošanas procesu! Meistari strādā tā, kā ražotu priekš sevis! Iesaku arī tev uzticēties šai kompānijai, un viņi realizēs tavas vēlmes, un piepildīs tavus sapņus:)! Prieks kad Latvijā ir tādas kompānijas!
Armands Gulbis
Armands Gulbis
Super moderns dizains, augsta kvalitate 10/10!
Edgars Damalts
Edgars Damalts
Kvalitatīvas pirtis un labs serviss