FAQ - Madera Masters

Frequently asked questions

What’s the payment system for sauna?

It is possible to split the payment in two parts – 50% upon ordering and 50% prior delivery. It is possible to pay all at once or for people living in Latvia we have additional offer to purchase it with credit. For people outside Latvia – contact the sales team so we can explore the options together.

How long does it take to manufacture and assemble the sauna?

After choosing your specifications and completing the first payment – it takes around 1 – 2 months till finished product – then it’s just the delivery. However, due to larger amount of orders at the time, it is possible that manufacturing will take longer.

Is it possible to deliver sauna?

Delivery is optional. We are providing several options. In Baltics we have partners who can deliver and place it wherever it is required. In Europe we have logistics partners who can deliver it to your address, however, you will be responsible for the unloading and placing of the sauna. Of course – if you don’t want to deal with that, we will find a way to get it offloaded and put on location where you desire.

What’s the difference between regular saunas and barrel style saunas?

Main benefit for barrel style sauna is the speed of how quickly it is getting hot. Due to its design, it has less volume of air that must be heated up without sacrificing usable space. It means it consumes less firewood to keep it hot. Additional – barrel style design helps with air circulation ensuring air rotation in counter of regular saunas where all hot air gathers on top and cold air at bottom.

Is it possible to get a sauna on wheels?

Despite not having an offer like that in our home page, feel free to get in touch with our sales team so we can create a project satisfying all your desires for your dream sauna. 

Your sauna projects have a huge window (half and full panoramic windows). Doesn’t it lose a lot of heat?

In manufacturing and assembly process of sauna we use special 8mm ESG glass. It has many benefits. One of them being high thermal resistance which minimizes heat loss. More information about our materials in use you can find HERE

Can the glass of your sauna break?

We use special 8mm ESG glass which is very durable, however, our confidence lies within the thermowood that we use to build our saunas. Since thermowood is nearly a sterile material, it does not absorb water, therefore it will not deform over time. This allows us to guarantee the stability of the glass in the long term.