Sauna solutions made from the highest quality materials



Developing Madera Masters barrel saunas, we use high quality thermowood. It’s created with a long process of heating wood over more than 180 degrees and processing it with additional steam. This process changes the specification of the wood, increasing the weather resistance, resistance for deformation and characteristics as a result creating almost sterile material.

Resistance for fungi

in the process of heating hemicelluloses is degrading what results in boosting biological durability and significantly reducing vulnerability to fungi.

Reduced water absorption

with the degrading of the hemicelluloses, the concentration of water-absorbing hydroxyl groups decreases and the dimensional stability of treated wood is also improved compared to normal kiln dried softwood.

Removes unnecessary extractives

extractives constitute less than 5% of wood. This group includes, for example, terpenes, fats, waxes, and phenols. Extractives are not structural components in wood, and most of the compounds evaporate easily during the heat treatment.

Sauna heaters

We are constantly looking for the best, so for our heating elements we have partnered with industry leader HARVIA.

HARVIA is a global leader in the sauna and spa market. They are providing relaxing experiences and natural wellbeing to people whether at home or at public sauna and spa premises. Their integrated solutions together with thermowood constructions and our unique designs provide unmatched performance and experience you and your friends will remember forever.

Glass elements

To provide the best solution in the market available for our clients we are using ESG (tempered glass) in our saunas. There are numerous benefits over other available glass elements in the market. ESG glass is more heat resistant, increased durability, greater shock resistance, less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and reduces risk of injury in the event of breakage.

Regardless where Your sauna will travel and no matter what might happen – every detail has been thought over to maximize the experience.

Other materials

To strengthen the contortion we are using 5 cm wide, high quality, stainless-steel bands.   

For light elements in Madera Masters saunas, we are working with the leaders in LED light manufacturing on a global scale – OSRAM.

Saunas from Madera Masters are not painted – we apply lasur. Lasur is a wood stain that protects wood from poor weather conditions while giving it a decorative colored finish and enhancing its surface. For all wood types both indoors and outdoors. To ensure the highest quality we have partnered with HL REMMERS and their Lasur in their full color pallet.

To minimize loss of electrical power we have partnered with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC electrical solutions to ensure safe, high quality and long-lasting life for your electronation. 

We use a double layered bitumen roofing, with an extra layer of isolation underneath it. This allows us to guarantee the quality, while the honey-comb design of the sauna roof will complement the surroundings.