Cube Mini


Suggested use - Up to 4 people
Heating element - "Harvia" wood burning or electrical
Paint - "HK Remmers" – various options available
Ceiling - 2.2 m / 2.1 m with extra floor

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Heater safety fenceThe safety fence around the heater is useful to prevent accidental contact with the hot heater.
Hot water tankA 40L water tank is placed above the heater. This is useful for getting extra moisture in the sauna room.
Oak bucket
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  • Total length – 2.5 m
  • Sauna room – 2.2 m x 1.8 m
  • Terrace – 0.5 m
  • Total area – 4 m2
  • Ceiling height 2.2 m / 2.1 m with removable floor
  • Astringent elements – Würth
  • Color – HK Remmers (wide selection)
  • Heating elements – HARVIA (with wood heating or electric)
  • Glass elements – 8 mm ESG tempered glass
  • Roofing – Western collection  bitumen covering
  • Sauna door – 8 mm tempered glass (bronze tone)
  • Exterior doors – Lockable, bronze glass element, adjustable hinges
  • 2 tightening stainless steel hoops
  • Full wiring with LED light elements
  • Removable floor in the steam room for easy cleaning
  • LED color – Warm
This is our newest sauna model, built in minimalist style while maintaining the same high quality standards. Cube Mini sauna is perfectly suited for small families  and if space in your yard is limited.