Madera Tub

Suggested use - up to 8 persons
Paint - HK Remmers (wide choice)
Total price:
1800 €

Choose your set

Colour inside
Outer diameter
Finishing material
StoveHigh-grade stainless steel (aisi 304) stoves. This type of stove has a longer lifetime and allows using chlorine in the hot tub. The Premium (35 kw) stove can heat the tub faster.
Flue extension 3m
Flue guard
Stainless steel hoopsWe recommend that the exterior finish is made in spruce, this will prolong the life of the tub. Thermo-wood finish is not necessary.
Tub insulationRecommended to reduce fuel consumption and retain heat longer.
Insulated thermal cover
Electric water heaterWorks together with hydro-massage. 12kW 3 phase electricity connection required. Can heat a hot tub without a wood stove.
Hydro-massage systemDesigned for back massage. It is more intense than bubble massage.
Bubble massage systemDesigned to create bubbles in the hot tub. Does not have a strong massage function.
LED lights in the tub
Water filterCan be installed provided there is a hydromassage.
Glass holder
Head supports
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Standard configuration

  • Outer diameter – L – 2m   XL – 2.25m
  • Height – 0.95 m
  • Fibreglass pool
  • Fiberglass cover with rubber
  • Colour – HK Remmers (wide choice)
  • Tightening elements – Würth
  • Standard stainless steel stove: (28kw)(aisi 304)
  • Flue – 2m
  • Standard ladder
  • Number of persons – up to 8
  • Warm-up time – up to 3 h
  • Water capacity  – 1350 l
  • Weight – L – 160kg; XL – 220kg
We offer high quality circular tubs. The many options available allow you to upgrade with a variety of modern and high-quality technologies. You can choose both the inner and outer colour shade. All massage jet nozzles are made of stainless steel. The tub can be heated with wood or electric heaters. The whole set can provide a beautiful and relaxing relaxation, enjoying warm fantastic bubbles, a hydromassage and sipping a delicious drink that can be placed in the cup holder.