Suggested use - up to 6 people
Heating element - "Harvia" wood burning or electrical
Paint - "HK Remmers" (various options)
Ceiling - 2.2 m / 2.08 m with extra floor

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Heater safety fenceThe safety fence around the heater is useful to prevent accidental contact with the hot heater.
Hot water tankA 40L water tank is placed above the heater. This is useful for getting extra moisture in the sauna room.
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  • Total Footprint – 4.1 m
  • Length of sauna room – 2.4 m
  • Buffer room – 1.15 m
  • Diameter – 2.3 m
  • Total space – 8.7 m2
  • Ceiling – 2.2 m / 2.08 m with extra floor
  • Width of sauna bench– 58 cm / 41 cm by safety fence
  • Fastener elements – Wurth
  • Paint – HK Remmers – various options available
  • Sauna bench process protective layer – Tikkurila
  • Heating element – Harvia – wood burning or electrical
  • Glass elements – 8mm ESG tempered glass
  • Roofing – Western collection (double) bitumen covering
  • Sauna door – 8mm tempered glass, bronze tone
  • Entrance door – Lockable, with bronze tone glass element, adjustable hinges 
  • 4 Stainless steel bands
  • Full electric installation and LED light elements
  • Optional 40L water tank
  • Optional safety fence for heating element
  • Removable sauna floor for easier cleaning
  • Seats in the buffer room can be used as a storage
If having only a sauna room is not enough then this model could be for you. Additional room in this design provides several benefits – ease of changing, buffer room where you can change in case of cold weather outside or simply where to relax between sauna rounds. Length of the sauna room is 2.4 m, buffer room 1.1 m with a total footprint of 4.1 m.